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We can’t thank you enough

Good morning California Custom Iron Team, 
Stair looks AWESOME! 
We can’t thank you enough for working with us on this one. We really appreciate you hanging in there with us. Making all of the last minute changes, providing the calculations, meeting with the client on site, and then getting it fabricated and installed in less than a week! Great company!
Hope to work together again soon.
Pete and John Larson.

Harker School Events Theater

In 2017 we were contracted to build a 30′ (ft) industrial spiral staircase for the new Harker Events theater. Harker school is located in San Jose and growing to supply the many different needs for the up and coming generations. This spiral staircase was wrapped in a mesh screen and met all commercial building codes. I have attached an amazing video clip of the project (supplied by Harker School).


Happy Customer 2018 Review

Hi David,
This has been such a challenging project that it is too rare that I get to give compliments but your company is an exception!  I love the way the cable railings turned out.  It is such an unusual application that I really couldn’t visualize what it would look like but the railings came out looking like modern sculpture and give me the open view from kitchen to living room that I was looking for.
I also appreciated the clever way that Allen and the installation crew were able to adapt the railing on the spiral to accommodate the complication with opening size.  I like that short flat section in the rail because it makes the stair unique and custom to our space.   Not only would a kit never have been so safe and solid, but it could never create an artistic solution to that problem.
So I just wanted to acknowledge California Custom Iron’s design work and craftsmanship.  It was a bit of a wait for the powder coating shop but the results are definitely worth it.  I posted a 5 star rating on Yelp and if you ever need a reference for a customer, they are welcome to contact me.
Thanks again,

Aubrey Joy





Illumination for Iron Staircases

This recent project was located in Folsom CA; this staircase came with a challenging twist.Interior-spiral-stair-in-hole-wood-hand-rail-northern-california I round cylindrical hole from the top story of the home to the main floor. It would be no issue building a normal style spiral staircase with ironrailing on the exterior of the treads (steps).
With the architectural plans and home designers, choice to create something extra special for this metal staircase. With this staircase every tread touches the wall with no gaps or spaces (seems easy on paper), but from CAD drawing this design in the office at California Custom Iron to building custom tread patterns for correct rise and placement it has to be precise. Through California Custom Iron the treads were incorporated with fogged glass on each step, and then highlighted with LED lights which turned out amazing. The custom iron staircase was then incorporated with unique curved handrails and brackets to bring the stair over the edge.carpet-steps-interior-stair-iron-builder

We at California Custom iron were pleased to build such an amazing stair and we hope that the owners enjoy this artistic piece. For questions please contact California Custom Iron @ 916.765.6078 or email: cacustomiron@yahoo.com.

Thank you for readinglighted-steps-spiral-stair-folsom-ca

Hand forged vs. made oversees


California Custom iron railing

I am sad to say that the skills and talents that blacksmiths were known for throughout the 1600’s to present have become a lost art. From European castle’s and churches to the 1800th  White House, blacksmiths and iron workers have had the talent to take raw iron and steel and form it into custom railing and staircases.  In the 20th century most fabricators and iron workers have never been taught the trade from the people before there time, leaving them with nothing else but a catalog with pre-made Chinese parts which they tell the client are custom made in there shop. After growing California Custom Iron to the recognized name that has become by many of the finest home builders in the Sacramento and San Francisco/San Jose area and will continue to make known to all builders and home owners. Most of our clients have recognized quality and nothing but the best and unique will do in there home’s. That is why the steel spiral staircases and exquisite iron grand staircases are truly made 100% in our Northern California fabrication shop. So please feel free to browse our web site or request a brochure to view the quality spiral staircases, iron railing and grand staircases that we have been known for.

Roof Top Terrace


Palo Alto Spiral Staircase

Exterior Roof Top Staircase

It has been quite some time since I have last updated are readers on some of the custom iron projects that have been throughout our shop this summer. The city of technology and instant millionaire’s, and Face Book. Palo Alto is an amazing place to visit with extreme building and corporate offices of Microsoft, Oracle, and HP. It is not all fun and glamor in this city as there are some restictions that must be followed with city permits and tax benefits. Having a stable operating and healthy fresh produce source is a way to benefit the city and the end of the year tax breaks. Our recent customer, build their new home with a roof top garden. Well, for over a year the only access to the roof top garden was a basic extension ladder. After time of lifting soil and plants up and down it was time to put a staircase in. After receiving the phone call about the need for a metal spiral staircase the papers were signed two days later and her staircase was sent off to design and final calculation. From there the spiral staircase sent to the fabrication shop for the final build and powder coating. Two weeks later the staircase was installed and the customer was so glad that she had a safe way to her roof top and garden. We are pleased to build quality spiral staircases that are custom and unique to all of our customers….. Thanks for reading