Not just tall, but AMAZING!

Banded Spiral Staircase

Solid curved metal band surrounding the custom spiral staircase by California Custom Iron

Los Gatos California has been the recent destination for a spiral staircase that we believe needs to be mentioned. Instead of a normal staircase which is just to the second story of your home, we always try to separate ourselves from everyone else and show people that there is a world of difference when quality is the key concern and perfection is always a must. Now getting back to the staircase, this spiral staircase is three stories tall and fabricated with a more modern feel with horizontal pipes and a strong metal band that gorgeously surround the spiral stair. Ok, for California Custom Iron a three story stair may be pretty cool, but what really sets this staircase out from some of the other metal spiral staircases was the ability to install the staircase threw three round holes on the outside deck in Los Gatos. The pictures can truly show the beauty of the stair. Oh yeah, did I mention this stair is 8ft wide which provides enough room for three people to pass each other when walking up or down, which California Custom Iron Does not recommend for safety. Thank you for reading our blog and to check out more pictures please visit our website at

Circular Staircase

Custom Forged and Fabricated Circular staircase by California Custom Iron.


Commercial Iron Railing For Dental Office


One of our latest projects brought us to a dental office on Orangevale California. This was new construction that was taken place on commercial property, which was only a block down the road from the Sunrise Shopping Mall. When we got the call from the contractor we sent one of our consultants out to the job site. Once all of the discussions were taken place and the final details where penciled out we received the go ahead to begin the project. The project consisted of handicap iron railing to meet commercial code. After being in the fabrication shop for two weeks our secretary scheduled the install date and the railing went in without a problem.
Commercial Iron Railing for Dental Office
Handicap Railing
When trying to get your business up the spec with state and county guidelines and have discovered your iron railing does not meet building code, please give California Custom Iron a call @916.765.6078 or visit our website for more information on commercial railing and we will be pleased to assist you in any way possible.

Downtown Hair Salon

One of the most recent projects that our team received has been for a custom diameter spiral staircase for a hair and beauty salon in lovely down town San Francisco CA. The clients own and operate Samitra Salon, and just let me say how wonderful it has been working with the owners. So after many emails and phone calls we get the thumps up to head down to the Salon where the final measurements and designs can be decided on, and from powder coat to the designed treds that our team can do with special machines.ImageNow fabrication time begins a few days later for our team at California Custom Iron, Inc. After placing the order for materials and having them inventoried for future referenced the build takes place. After doing the final cut outs with our custom plasma machine to bending the metal treds to the correct angles, its time for what our company prides our self on…the details. An average person can head to Home Depot and buy and Lincoln 125 mig welding and a twenty dollar helmet. Which it’s great for someone new to metal work to start out with and learn from young people to old. That is why California Custom Iron, Inc. supports local high schools and community colleges welding classes. But, back to the main point, our employees our all certified in mig welding and some with tig welding certs. We like to believe that the little things make us stand out from other fabrication shops. So after jigs have been set and hand rails have been curled in a spiral like fashion we break down the stair to be shipped to the powder coater.ImageSo fast forward to a week later, the stair has been picked up from the powder coater and our install team is off to San Francisco. After a long drive and tons of traffic…. that’s what we get for heading to the bay area at 7:00am. Our team pulls up and unloads the staircase in the busy downtown streets on San Francisco. Well we had to wait a few minutes for the clients to open up so we talked to a few construction workers next door on the building they were working on and he said that it is going to be the new headquarters from Twitter. Yeah, that social messaging system that millions of people have, I thought that was really cool. Also don’t forget to follow us @!/cacustomiron, were we try and get people informed with new projects. So after the installation of the spiral staircases the clients loved it and I know that all of here customers will love it also. So to everyone reading this have a wonderful week please visits our website for more pictures and details or emails us at

Expecting Snow In Truckee CA

It has been very busy here at California Custom Iron Inc, the phone has not stopped ringing which is a good thing. Let me just say that we are very fortunate to have work lined up during these economic times. We just finished up a metal spiral staircases in Truckee California that turned out amazing. The home owners wanted to use a unique looking design for their staircase, expanded treads were recommended for their living conditions in the snow. With the expanded treads the snow will fall through the treads instead of building up and collecting. Also instead of round vertical pickets the home owners went with square pickets. I want to say that they have a beautiful home and we believe that our staircase brings it together. This spiral stair had been built in one piece which looks amazing when finished, but can be challenging when installing. Our project manager scheduled a crane to lift the spiral staircase from our trailer and place it directly into place were our crew measured the correct distances and leveled the stair perfect, then drilled and bolted the metal staircase into the correct position. As you can see from the pictures the spiral staircase turned out great and hopefully we can stop by when were in the area to take a few more pictures with the snow and ice in the surrounding. Like always for more information visit or email us at

Iron Beauty and Grand Excellence

If you are looking for a simple design and style of iron railing, you should stop reading this post. In April of 2011 we finished a beautiful work of art in Auburn California. When we arrived to the job site and met with the home owners and general contractor we had a wonderful discussion about the plans and designs for this new home. When we first took a look at the blue prints the main standout point of the home was the dual grand staircases that you would see first as you walk into the home. Once we got the ok on the job our team went back to the shop and started laying out the configuration for this complex design on the shop floor. After getting the frame of the staircase finished, our team went back to the job site to make sure everything fits 100% before we finished the custom design. At California Custom Iron we make sure our product is 100% before we deliver the final product to the client, it is just some of the pride and dedication we take in our work. Unlike some iron shops, we refuse to buy pre-made iron panels from China. Instead we custom forge ever piece that enters our shop so the customer will always know that there stair has been made in the USA. We were able to work with friends of the industry Folsom Stairs, Bob at Folsom Stair shaped the wood to that you see on the pictures below and we were very happy with the product that they delivered. After finishing the fabrication of the iron staircase we put a beautiful flat black finish onto the dual grand staircase.After a full day of installing the custom iron staircase we had to stand back and reflect on the beauty that emerged from the hard work and dedication that the team at California Custom Iron produced.