Hand forged vs. made oversees


California Custom iron railing

I am sad to say that the skills and talents that blacksmiths were known for throughout the 1600’s to present have become a lost art. From European castle’s and churches to the 1800th  White House, blacksmiths and iron workers have had the talent to take raw iron and steel and form it into custom railing and staircases.  In the 20th century most fabricators and iron workers have never been taught the trade from the people before there time, leaving them with nothing else but a catalog with pre-made Chinese parts which they tell the client are custom made in there shop. After growing California Custom Iron to the recognized name that has become by many of the finest home builders in the Sacramento and San Francisco/San Jose area and will continue to make known to all builders and home owners. Most of our clients have recognized quality and nothing but the best and unique will do in there home’s. That is why the steel spiral staircases and exquisite iron grand staircases are truly made 100% in our Northern California fabrication shop. So please feel free to browse our web site or request a brochure to view the quality spiral staircases, iron railing and grand staircases that we have been known for.