Roof Top Terrace


Palo Alto Spiral Staircase

Exterior Roof Top Staircase

It has been quite some time since I have last updated are readers on some of the custom iron projects that have been throughout our shop this summer. The city of technology and instant millionaire’s, and Face Book. Palo Alto is an amazing place to visit with extreme building and corporate offices of Microsoft, Oracle, and HP. It is not all fun and glamor in this city as there are some restictions that must be followed with city permits and tax benefits. Having a stable operating and healthy fresh produce source is a way to benefit the city and the end of the year tax breaks. Our recent customer, build their new home with a roof top garden. Well, for over a year the only access to the roof top garden was a basic extension ladder. After time of lifting soil and plants up and down it was time to put a staircase in. After receiving the phone call about the need for a metal spiral staircase the papers were signed two days later and her staircase was sent off to design and final calculation. From there the spiral staircase sent to the fabrication shop for the final build and powder coating. Two weeks later the staircase was installed and the customer was so glad that she had a safe way to her roof top and garden. We are pleased to build quality spiral staircases that are custom and unique to all of our customers….. Thanks for reading