Illumination for Iron Staircases

This recent project was located in Folsom CA; this staircase came with a challenging twist.Interior-spiral-stair-in-hole-wood-hand-rail-northern-california I round cylindrical hole from the top story of the home to the main floor. It would be no issue building a normal style spiral staircase with ironrailing on the exterior of the treads (steps).
With the architectural plans and home designers, choice to create something extra special for this metal staircase. With this staircase every tread touches the wall with no gaps or spaces (seems easy on paper), but from CAD drawing this design in the office at California Custom Iron to building custom tread patterns for correct rise and placement it has to be precise. Through California Custom Iron the treads were incorporated with fogged glass on each step, and then highlighted with LED lights which turned out amazing. The custom iron staircase was then incorporated with unique curved handrails and brackets to bring the stair over the edge.carpet-steps-interior-stair-iron-builder

We at California Custom iron were pleased to build such an amazing stair and we hope that the owners enjoy this artistic piece. For questions please contact California Custom Iron @ 916.765.6078 or email:

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Not just tall, but AMAZING!

Banded Spiral Staircase

Solid curved metal band surrounding the custom spiral staircase by California Custom Iron

Los Gatos California has been the recent destination for a spiral staircase that we believe needs to be mentioned. Instead of a normal staircase which is just to the second story of your home, we always try to separate ourselves from everyone else and show people that there is a world of difference when quality is the key concern and perfection is always a must. Now getting back to the staircase, this spiral staircase is three stories tall and fabricated with a more modern feel with horizontal pipes and a strong metal band that gorgeously surround the spiral stair. Ok, for California Custom Iron a three story stair may be pretty cool, but what really sets this staircase out from some of the other metal spiral staircases was the ability to install the staircase threw three round holes on the outside deck in Los Gatos. The pictures can truly show the beauty of the stair. Oh yeah, did I mention this stair is 8ft wide which provides enough room for three people to pass each other when walking up or down, which California Custom Iron Does not recommend for safety. Thank you for reading our blog and to check out more pictures please visit our website at

Circular Staircase

Custom Forged and Fabricated Circular staircase by California Custom Iron.